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Keto Diet Reduces Heart Disease ~ 8 Benefits Of Going Keto

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Keto Diet Reduces Heart Disease

If you’re trying to lose fat then you need to try this brand new custom made keto meal plan.

To make this service, certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs united to create keto meal plans that are effective, convenient, cost-efficient, and enjoyable.

Since its launch in January 2019, hundreds of customers have already transformed their figure and wellness with the advantages a proper keto diet can provide.

Speaking of advantages: in this particular blog, you’ll discover eight scientifically-proven ones supplied by the keto diet.

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Keto Diet Reduces Weight

  • Benefit #1: the keto diet can help you obtain (and maintain!)
    A healthy weight

The keto diet is excellent for losing fat and keeping it off. For example, a meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials concluded that:

“Individuals assigned to a VLCKD [very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet] achieve a greater weight loss than those delegated to an LFD [low-fat diet] in the long term; hence, a VLCKD may be an alternative instrument against obesity.”

What’s more, randomized controlled trials revealed that the keto diet generates up to|3 times as much weight loss as a high-carb, low-fat diet.

neglecting your weight loss efforts, the keto diet might be the trick to a slender figure.

  • Benefit #2: the keto diet boosts brain function

When going keto, most people experience an improvement in their brain function and mental clarity.

The keto diet supports your brain in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. A significant reason is that ketosis enhances mitochondrial functioning.

Researchers believe ketosis stimulates the formation of new mitochondria in your brain, especially in your hippo-campus. This assists your mental clarity, memory, and energy levels.

  • Benefit #3: the keto diet can help manage or even reverse diabetes

Many studies reveal minimizing carb intake benefits individuals with diabetes. In fact, the keto diet has been the standard diabetes treatment prior to the discovery of injectable insulin.

Consider the following:

Research published in Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that when type 2 diabetics went low-carb| for a couple of weeks, they enhanced insulin sensitivity by up to 75%.

And another study involving 21 people with type 2 diabetes found that seven of them could stop their diabetes medication within 16 weeks of going keto.


Keto Diet Reduces Heart Disease

  • Benefit #4: the keto diet reduces heart disease risk while saturated fat and cholesterol are often alleged to clog arteries, these compounds do not cause cardiovascular disease. That’s great news for keto dieters because this eating style loads up on high-fat foods such as nuts, eggs, and bacon.In fact, the keto diet reduces heart disease risk for four main reasons. The keto diet:
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • Elevates levels of the”good” HDL cholesterol
  • Decreases blood glucose levels
  • Reduces blood pressure



Benefit #5: the keto diet boosts mental well-being

The keto diet benefits various mental disorders and conditions. For example, research shows the keto diet:

  • Has an antidepressant effect
  • Boosts the behavior of children with autism
  • May stabilize mood in bipolar disorder patients
  • Has cured one case of schizophrenia

Benefit #6: the keto diet can be curative for various neurological diseases

These include Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, infantile spasms (West syndrome), and epilepsy.

Benefit #7: the keto diet may prevent and combat some types of cancer

Most cancer cells rely on sugar as fuel, which is why keto diets may help prevent and fight the disease.

As an example, when in-vitro cancer cells only receive ketones and fat for energy, they often die.  Plus, various studies reveal the keto diet helps fight brain cancer.

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Keto Diet Reduces Gut Problems 

Benefit #8: the keto diet can improve gut health and bowel disorders
Many bowel diseases are caused by gut pathogens and infections, both of which rely on glucose for energy.

By reducing your carbohydrate intake, you stave off these pathogens and infections. That’s how going keto diet can improve gut health and treat bowel disease.

Weight loss


Impressive, don’t you agree? And if you’re ready to reap the benefits, you can get your customized keto meal plan for the price of just three movie tickets.

Click the link below to get started.



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